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What we currently have available as of 3/24/23-

Self Care

  • Pasture - NONE AVAILABLE
  • Stall W/ limited turnout available- (3) $150/Month
  • Stall W/Run - NONE AVAILABLE

Full Care

  • Pasture Group Gelding - (2) $350/Month
  • Pasture Group Mare - NONE AVAILABLE
  • Pasture Private - NONE AVAILABLE -More coming soon
  • Stall W/limited Turnout available - (3) $450/Month
  • Stall W/Run - NONE AVAILEBLE

Self Care includes- Stall or pasture and access to water. Stalls have automatic waters and pastures have 100 gallon tanks or tanks with automatic waters. 

Full care includes- 

Pasture- unlimited coastal with Hay Chix nets, up to 10lbs of one of our in stock grains every day, fed twice a day. 

Stalls- Up to 6 flakes of coastal or alfalfa every day, up to 10 lbs of one of our in stock grains every day, fed twice a day. Also includes shavings, cleaning every day. 

Notes on Boarding:

Due to the recent influx in our fly population we are requiring all horses on property to be on a feed through fly control product, like- Simplifly, Equitrol, Solitude IGR, Buggze.  You can purchase through us or provide it for us to fed to full care horses, or we can provide it for the full care horses and have it added onto your monthly bill. You can also utilize a lick tub with Clarifly. We are also using Fly Predators year round. Current Coggins within the last 12 months is required. All vaccines are highly recommend within the last 12 months. Recommended Vaccines- EEE, VEE, WEE, Tet, WN, Rabies, Flu, Rhino, Strangles(IM ONLY).

We run pretty full on self care, if you wish to be put on a waiting list for self care please indicate that below and I will contact you to get more info about what your wanting and what kind of time frame your looking at. 

We separate pastures into mares and geldings to keep all horses happy and safe. 

Other things-

We are happy to blanket both Full Care and Self Care horses, along with fly spray. 

We are happy to feed Self Care horses for free if feed is left out pre made, $1/feeding if not. 

We sell our in stock grain to both our clients and to the public but we are happy to bring in almost any BlueBonnet grain that you want for your horse. We keep in stock- BB Total Advantage, BB Senior  Therapy, BB Growth & Development, BB Energized Performance, BB Energized Textured, BB Mare & Foal Nuggets.    


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