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Bluebonnet Energized Perfomance Pellet

Absolute great feed for your all around working horse with all vitamins and minerals, prebiotics & probiotics, low protein at 12 % (easy on the kidneys), high fat 8% (for calories). With low Starch (13%) and Low Sugar(4%). We feed this to almost all our boarding horses and lesson horses. Also good for mares in foal until 5-6 month in foal as a maintenance feed and growing horses over 1 & 1/2. This is also great as a highly potent safe maintenance feed for your "pasture puffs" that you don't have you feed much of. 

Compare to- 

Strategy- 14% Protein, 6% Fat, 18 % Starch, 7% Sugar

Safe Choice- 14% Protein , 7% Fat, 17% Starch, 5% Sugar

Bluebonnet Energized Textured

This is almost the same as the Energized Performance, slightly lower fat(3.5%), in a "sweet feed" formula. While I am not a fan of sweet feed I do recognize there is a need and some horses do not like regular pellets.

Bluebonnet Intensify Total Advantage 

This feed is great for your all around performance horses at 12% Protein 10% Fat but for your sugar/starch sensitive horses with extreme low Starch(7%) and Sugar (4%). 

This would be closest to-

Pro Force Fuel- 13% Protein, 13% Fat, 13% Starch, 7% Sugar 

Purina L/S-  12% Protein, 5.5 % Fat, 7% Starch , 4% Sugar 

Safe Choice Special Care- 14% Protein, 7% Fat, 10% Starch, 3% Sugar

Bluebonnet Intensify Senior Therapy

This is an excellent feed for older horses that can no longer process hay or don't have the teeth to chew hay any more. I do not recommend senior/complete feeds for any horses that can still eat/process hay. Still with low Starch(6) and Sugar(6). Compare to Equine Senior Starch (12) & Sugar(7), Pro Force Senior Starch (25) & Sugar (10). All have 14% protein to keep older muscles working correctly. At 8% fat it doesn't have quite as much as PF (11%) but it does have more than ES (5.5%),  but the high S & S in the PF is just asking for additional problems.

BB Intensify Growth and Development

We recommend this feed for harder to keep mares in foal & switching the mares that were on the Nugget 1 month post foaling to this so the foals can start eating it also and for the increased caloric intake needed. Feed the mares and foals until weaning (if back in foal switch back to Nugget if in good weight, if not stay on Growth, if open switch back to maintenance feed) and weanlings feed till aprox 1.5 years old. If a fast growing breed or in heavy work/show fitting then a 1/2 growth, 1/2 maintenance mix is appropriate until over 2 years.

BB Horsemans Elite Mare & Foal Nugget

We recommend this feed for mares 6-7 months in foal until about 1 month post foaling. This is a bigger pellet so I do not recommend feeding it to brand new foals. Thats why I recommend switching to Growth when foals start eating grain with dam.

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