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I’m gonna take a quick second to answer a few questions I get pretty frequently about lessons-

1. Ages- normally I do ages 4 and up, I will accept some 3 year olds who are very verbal and listen well. Please remember your child is sitting on a 1000# animal, I need your child to listen to me for their safety. And yes I do accept adults and we do have several adults currently taking lessons.

2. What do I need to bring- Long pants(leggings are fine) and close toed shoes are required. I do provide helmets for the first few lessons. For summer please bring water or a Gatorade type drink, it gets hot fast out in the sun. For the winter please bring an extra jacket, our weather can change quickly and kids get cold fast while riding, especially the littles.

3. How long are lessons- normally lessons are 1.5 hours including grooming, saddling and unsaddling. We do do a special “Tiny Tots” spot once a day for the 5 and unders that’s only 1 hour.

4. When are lessons- Please see our online booking system for the current schedule but generally- Summer is 9am, 7pm for regular lessons, 1030am for Tiny Tots and School year is 330pm Tiny Tots, 430pm, 6pm for regular lessons. All subject to change. We do very few weekend lessons but always check the booking system and Facebook to see if we have posted if we’re offering lessons that weekend.

5. How much are lessons- Regular lessons are $45, Tiny Tots are $30.

6. How do I book- please see the link to book a lesson.

7. What forms of payment do you take- We take it all lol. All jokes aside. We do credit cards, Venmo, PayPal, Zelle, Check and good ol fashioned cash.

8. Please be on time for your lesson, remember its your time you're eating into. I will not extend your lesson time because you're late.

9. We have EXCELLENT lesson horses for you or your child to take lessons on but we do welcome your own horse if you would like to take a lesson on a horse thats boarded here on the property or haul in a horse for a lesson(negative current Coggins required).

10. We do offer English and Western style lessons. 


Please understand we do not do trail rides or one time lessons or birthday parties.We operate as a "Riding School". Generally we put a lot of time and effort into our lesson students, lesson horses and doing such one time things takes away from our long term clients.

Thank you-


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